Moving from Agency to Start-up

I’ve had quite a lot of life-altering decisions in the last few months (the main reason for a severe lack of blog posts).

I’ve now fully moved jobs and am now attempting to buy a new flat. Other than that my time has been taken up by playing ukulele at a London Eye event, enjoying an incredible holiday to Cape Town, not to mention helping out a few friends and family when I can with their sites.


It was a big decision to leave Found as head of SEO and to move onto something new.

I was not really looking, but sometimes you have to go with your gut instinct and go for it. Interesting opportunities do not present themselves every day, and I think after 7 years it was time I took a risk.

Found was a great place to work in many aspects, but I am looking forward to the challenge of building some online brands and I am enjoying being more hands-on already. I have already met and been involved in meeting lots of fantastic people who are switched-on. I do miss the Found SEO team, but I know they will be fine without me and continue to produce excellent results for their clients.

I will be working across a few different projects – but the first one I am involved with is and another is CoinDesk – EDIT: BTL has been shelved to focus on CoinDesk.

Pros and Cons of Moving from an SEO Agency to a Startup

So, what’s different about moving from an established agency to a new startup / project? Here are are some of my observations, but they may not correspond to most people’s experiences of going agency to in-house. It is a bit different to leaving for a new venture, rather than an established online brand.


  • Speed Ability to implement strategies that could have a direct impact on results in a much shorter time period.
  • Less administration – Less time taken up with lots of tiny tasks here and there that build up.
  • Flexibility – Flexible working hours and laid back vibe. There is less need to be around 9-5 for most of the staff.
  • Equipment – When you start somewhere it is likely you can get the latest equipment. So am now writing this on a lovely new Macbook Pro :)


  • Less SEO Tools – One thing that can hurt when leaving an agency is the lack of access to paid SEO tools. Can easily get by without many, especially working on smaller and fewer websites, but it is handy to have access to some of the best tools on the market.
  • No beer fridge! – No fully stocked beer fridge or pool table. On the other hand, there is a stash of  whisky for ‘creative fridays’, a fridge stocked with coca-cola and plenty of g
  • No walk to work – I need to go for runs now to get more exercise :) The good thing is that the tube ride is under 10 mins, and the new office is right next to the tube station, so it is not too bad.
  • SEO Team – No team of underlings or processes to do stuff for you.

Really, I’ve had it pretty good, and still do.

So, exciting times for me – I am hoping to reveal more about the projects in due course, and should have some great insight for site launches, email campaigns from scratch, integrated search strategies and also Twitter advertising.

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