New Blog!

I thought it was about time I setup my own website properly, and after a lengthy process of finding a quiet few hours here it is.

I have blew the dust off an age old hosting package and given birth after a lengthy period of procrastination. You cannot really call yourself an SEO these days it seems if you do not focus some energy into your own blog.

I’ve gone with the the excellent ‘Responsive‘ theme for wordpress, as I had pretty much no hope of hacking some other theme to make it display well on mobile devices.

Hopefully this can help give me the platform to write, test and generally play with wordpress a lot more than I have had the chance too. I’m sticking this live before I have a lot of my ideas finalised, but I think it is best to get something out there, then work on it from there.

I also hope to get back into coding in some capacity, as I have a few projects I would like to start. Exciting times ahead!


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