Strumming Against Spam – Matt Cutts learns the Ukulele

Chief Web Spam chap at Google, Matt Cutts takes on a ’30 day challenge’ each month. For the month of October his task is to play the ukulele every day.  I for one, as a fellow ukulele player wish Matt well on his quest. I started playing several years ago now, and have been lucky enough to join Karauke, a karaoke band who play ukuleles. It’s great fun, and at least keeps my eyes away from screens for a few hours.

Matt Cutts Ukulele

*Artists Impression

In the world of SEO, many other notable figures have given the Uke a go, such as Rand Fishkin. James from traphic looked into this further, coming up with a theory that SEO and the ukulele are strange bedfellows.

If you wish to give it a go, you will find the following links useful (especially those in London!):

  • Learn to Uke – Ukulele Lessons in London. Currently there is a course available before Christmas. This is where I began. Group lessons in a pub. Can’t be beaten!
  • Duke of Uke – London Ukulele shop with an awesome name.
  • Southern Ukulele  Store – Great place to buy online.
  • Ukulele Hunt – Fantastic resource of tabs, ebooks and everything you need to know. Al Wood, who created this site, also wrote ‘Ukulele for Dummies’ which also comes recommended. (Be careful when referring to this site as ‘Uke Hunt’).
  • Ukulele Wednesdays – Jam every Wednesday in central London.

I’d love to know how you get on, and hope to say hello to more SEO players at some events!

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